Thinning Services

Maximize Your Stock's Potential

Thinning is one of the most important steps to maximizing the value of your stand. Rely on Haveman Brothers Forestry to provide a variety of services for young plantations, from pre-commercial thinning to manual release. Not only are our supervisors and staff trained to carry out thinning operations quickly and efficiently, Haveman Brothers also follows strict procedures to reduce the environmental impact of our work, including keeping equipment well maintained and following safe-handling practices for fuels and other materials.

We also keep our clients informed of the job’s progress on a constant basis. This allows adjustments to be made throughout a contract, which is especially important to thinning because once work is completed there are few options available to re-work areas already treated.

Finally, at Haveman Brothers we audit all of our work to ensure that the job is in compliance with company and client expectations, health and safety policy, and federal and provincial laws.

Contact Haveman Brothers to find out how we can tailor our thinning services to your stand.