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Haveman Brothers has built a reputation among tree planters as one of the best and one of the highest-paying companies in Northwestern Ontario. It’s the little things that really count, like being able to leave your gear anywhere without worrying about someone grabbing it and knowing your tree runners are on the ball.

Haveman Brothers goes the extra mile for our planters, giving quality bonuses to motivate you, making sure that camps are clean, organized and comfortable. Hot private showers are always there, all you can eat food, equipment is kept in good repair. Haveman Brothers is diligent in making sure you have a safe and memorable experience – not to mention enough cash to return to the outside world in style!”

Haveman Brothers strives to give planters fair prices – we have instituted a company wide minimum of 12 cents per tree. This is our minimum, many blocks pay out more than this.

We believe that planting is one of the hardest jobs that you can do – the planter needs to be paid accordingly. In return, we require all of our employees to be ethical, hardworking and honest, and to provide a high quality of work.

As a result, we are able to pick from among the best tree planters out there. You don’t have to be experienced, but we are looking for hard-working individuals who are team players and who obviously love working outdoors in rugged conditions.

Sound like a challenge you’d like to take on? Check out the stats below!

Applications are being accepted for the 2022 season.

  • Camp Costs $25.00 /day
  • Minimum tree price - 12 ¢ /tree (base price - vacation and holiday on top of base)
  • Daily Quality Bonus - 0.5 ¢ /tree (98% quality)
  • Average of 50 people per camp.

If you want to know more about why you should consider coming to Haveman's, please click the Haveman's Difference Tab.

The Haveman Difference

Imagine a treeplanting company that cares about the planter. One that has a high moral and ethical code shaping its policies. That's the main focus that drives us. It's evident in all that we do.

  • Highest Rates among its peers.
    Most of the other companies have tree rates that start at 10 ¢ or 11 ¢. Haveman Brothers guarantees a minimum of 12 ¢. Even if it's cream and you are dropped off right at your piece it's still 12.
  • Tree price is the base price.
    Haveman Brothers pays all vacation pay and holiday pay on top of the base price. Be sure you're comparing apples to apples. This is almost another 0.5¢ per tree. Some companies will tuck this into the tree price.
  • Proper Bi-weekly payments.
    Haveman Brothers is a well established company that pays you in full every two weeks. The company does not wait to be paid before paying you. You do not ever need to be worried about whether or not you will be paid for the trees that you planted.
  • No Sketchy Contracts.
    No, you don't have to pay to secure a job. No, we don't deduct money if you have to leave early. (We don't even think these things are legal, but we know it happens out there.) At Haveman Brothers we expect you to commit to stay for the full contract. We won't force you to stay or coerce you, we'll just be disappointed you didn't live up to your commitment
  • Clean well run camps.
    We spend a lot of money on our camps and it shows. Our kitchen trailers are clean, well run, and modern. Our camps have private showers. We are constantly working with the health unit and auditing our camps to make sure they are the best in the industry.
  • Proper Equipment.
    Haveman Brothers has a large and modern shop. This is not a firm run out of someone's basement. We spend a lot of time making sure our vehicles, trailers, and equipment are safe, reliable, and dependable when you are in the field. Downtime costs you money.
  • Proper Training.
    We ensure all of our staff and planters are well trained before the plant starts. We own an online training portal which allows us to do the majority of training before you arrive. Our staff arrives a week early to do their training. This training is provided in conjunction with Workplace Safety North and includes modules such as: supervisor competency, safe travel on bush roads, dangers of the job, emergency preparedness, among others.
  • Health and Safety.
    Haveman Brothers is recognized as a leader in the field of Health and Safety. We have the most comprehensive policies and procedures developed in conjunction with the Ministry of Labour. Our policy manuals, safe operating procedure manuals, and treeplant guideline manuals are all bound and are available in every vehicle as well as the office. Additionally, all plants have a health and safety representative chosen by the planters to voice any concerns to the staff.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where am I working?
    In 2021 we will be planting all of our trees in Northern Ontario (western region). We will be working from Upsala to Longlac. Our office is located in Kakabeka Falls, ON (just outside Thunder Bay)
  • Who plants for you?
    All types of people plant trees from every walk of life. The vast majority of planters tent to be people working their way through school. Others simply use treeplanting to fund their athletic ambitions, or travelling plans. There is an average of a 60/40 ratio of male/female.
  • How long is the season?
    We start when the frost is out of the ground. This is usually May 5th or so. We expect all planters to commit to working into the first week in July.
  • What is the work schedule?
    We strive to always work 5 on and 2 off. We have found this to be the ideal schedule (as has the rest of the world) for working. Two days off allows a proper resting and healing time for your body. This also allows one town day to get your stuff done, and one day to just relax.
  • How much money will I make?
    Haveman Rookies tend to earn between five to eight thousand their first year. Some planters have amazing breakout years crossing the 10k club, but that's a lot of work. While we are proud of the fact that our planters earn more at Havemans, treeplanting should still be viewed as a multi-year plan. It's year two when you can come out of the gate running and make a lot of money.
  • Can I work with my friends?
    We spend a lot of time trying to ensure that all planters get to work with the people who applied with them, or who recommended them. We find that it creates a great atmosphere to have the people you know there as well. However, we cannot absolutely guarantee it.
  • Will I have to move a lot?
    Haveman Brothers tends to have smaller camps than other companies and does not 'sweep' forests (giant crew doing one contract then the next). We like to keep people in one spot as long as possible to maximize people's earnings. Most camps will have one camp move this contract, but sometimes there is more.
  • How do I get a job?
    To start - you apply here. We conduct interview rounds for those who's applications we think are a good fit for planting. The manager in charge of hiring is Justin Postuma. He will be contacting people for phone interviews. (keep an eye on your junk mail folder for the next while - just in case). Interviews are typically done in batches. A number of interviews will be conducted during a few days.
  • What happens after the interview?
    Emails go out to all successful candidates approximately two weeks following the phone interview for that round of hiring. After that a new round will begin.
  • My friends got a job and I didn't.
    Maybe something was missed. Maybe the application didn't get filled out correctly. Regardless, we like people who show ambition and pursue the job. Contact Justin to find out. (
  • I got a job, now what?
    All successful candidates will receive an welcome and information package towards the end of February. In there is instructions to our online training portal. The training portal has all of the information you could possibly need to know about treeplanting. You will be told what to buy, how to prepare, and have to do the mandatory training.
  • Can people send me stuff?
    Of course. Please address all packages as follows:
    Your Name
    Your Crew
    c/o Haveman Brothers
    box 249, 5378 Oliver Road
    Kakabeka Falls, ON
    P0T 1W0
  • How do people get in touch with me if there's an emergency?
    They would contact Justin Postuma (807.475.4662 ext2) who would relay the message. Our treeplant camps all have 24 hour communication. We would call the supervisor and have them pick you up from the block.
  • Can I charge my (insert device name here)?
    We can't guarantee it, but we always try. People do well with music while they plant. We like happy planters. We usually (99% of the time) have charging abilities for people from 6 am - 10 pm.

Our Statistics

  • Our 202 spring season had a company wide average of over 90 000 trees per person (highballer, rookies, everyone).
  • We put in just under 15 million trees in two months.
  • We had a 85 % retention rate across the company.
  • Tree prices had a weighted average of 11.75 ¢/tree.
  • Hot private showers in every camp, all the time.
  • No sketchy contracts were signed.
Take Home Pay Rookies Veterans
Top 5 Average $11,329.25 $24,250.75
Top 10 Average $10,304.50 $20,837.00
Top 50% Average $9,252.00 $16,281.00
All Employees Average $7,356.00 $13,790.00

Daily Pay Rookies Veterans
Top 5 Average $298.00 $522.00
Top 10 Average $281.00 $494.75
Top 50% Average $240.50 $399.83
All Employees Average $193.25 $342.95